Color Swap:  S or DOWN
Plant Tree:  E or CTRL
Cut Tree:  C
Pick Up/Throw Turret:  RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON
Destroy Turret:  X
Buy Menu:  TAB
Move:  W, A, D or UP, RIGHT, LEFT
Cnange Weapon:  MOUSE WHEEL or 1,2,3,4,5

Made by: @andmish
Music by: b5cully and Edgeist
Sound from:

  • For the best performance use Chrome (mouse scroll works here)
  • Made for #64DSC within 17 days
  • The game doesn't save the results
Richard have 7 color columns.
He can plant trees on them.
There are two phases: peace and battle of 60 seconds each.

The columns going up:

- it has a tree, each additional tree increases the speed
- the battle phase
- no mismatch, the order of the columns is correct
- no lack, none of the columns are removed

The columns going down:

- the enemy is on it, each additional enemy increases the speed

The movement of the columns stops:

- the peace phase
- the order mismatch
- the lack of the color

The final speed = the speed of the enemies + the speed of the trees

If a column reaches the bottom, it is removed for 7 second. And the color shuffle happens.
Now Richard should to use Color Swap to restore the order of the columns like in the phrase.

The main goal is the growth. Then Richard will see what happens next.